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[OOC: All dialog and situations taken from Magic Strikes. I've merely switched the POV from Kate to Andrea.]

It'd been a rough few days for me. Yes, Kate was a big girl and could take care of herself—heck, she likely could take better care of herself than I could of myselfbut I still worried. I knew all too well how quickly things can turn in this world. Regardless, I was relieved when she finally called me at home three days after she went off the reservation.

"I've got your results right here," I said after we had exchanged out initial 'heys'. "It's not silver. It's electrum."

Electrum was nasty stuff for those who went furry. Lyc-V has trouble with all coinage metals but silver typically is the most bothersome. That has more to do with its availability though because electrum added magic to the toxicity mix.

"You don't rank high enough to know the rest, so they won't tell you," I continued, "but I do. This particular alloy is very old and very poisonous to shapeshifters. You know how high my silver tolerance is. I couldn't even hold it, Kate. Do you remember the agreement we made during the flare?"

"Yes," Kate said carefully.

"There is only one person who has access to this allow in a large quantity. The composition is very specific. It's—"

"About fifty-five percent gold, forty-five percent silver, three percent copper, and the rest is random crap."

"Yes," I said confirming what Kate obviously already knew. It was Samos electrum, from the coins struck on a small Greek island in the North Aegean Sea in 600 BC. Which meant there was a very good chance the electrum had originally come from Roland. Why he was giving a fighting team in the Midnight Games very expensive and rare metals was another thing.

"I guess you know what that means, then," I added to fill the silence.

"Yes. Thank you," Kate replied.

"Be careful," I said just before Kate hung up.


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