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"What happened to barely winning?" Jim growled at Kate, Curran, and Dali as they came back from the first match of our team.

We had two qualifying bouts, a semi-final, and then the big match to get through with all seven members of our team intact, but we couldn't field the entire team for each of the first three fights. Instead, we opted to split our team pretty much in half and Kate, Curran, and Dali fought our first match, and it had been a glorious smack down.

"You said sloppy!" Kate replied in mild outrage. "Look, I didn't even use my sword; I hit him with my head, like a moron."

"A man with a sword attacked you and you disarmed him and knocked him out cold in under two seconds," Jim snapped back before turning to Curran.

The Beast Lord shrugged. "It's not my fault that he didn't know how to fall."

Jim's gaze slid from Curran to Dali. "What the hell was that?"

"Crimson Jaws of Death."

"And were you planning on letting me know that you can turn people's elbows backward?"

"I told you I did curses."

"You said they don't work!"

"I said they don't always work. This one worked apparently." Dali wrinkled her forehead. "It's not like I even get to use them against live opponents anyway. It was an accident."

Jim looked at them. The clipboard snapped in his hands. He turned around and very deliberately walked away.

"I think we hurt his feelings," Dali said, looking at his retreating back, before sighing and going after him.

Curran looked at Kate. "What the hell was I supposed to do, catch the were-bison as he was falling?"


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