Feb. 27th, 2013

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Wow, I so did not expect the level of interest and so this has gotten more complex that anticipated! To head the beast off at the pass, I'm opening this up for dialog and organization. I am also including players and their journals for behind the scenes arrangements and plotting.

Confirmed Players:
Andrea ([personal profile] masterofgunfu )
Poins ([personal profile] poins )
Michael ([personal profile] luvs_yogurt )
Tyler ([personal profile] basic_powers )
Lohengrin ([personal profile] knightoftheswan )
Urquhart ([personal profile] scots_wolf )
Teja ([personal profile] ostro_goth )
Konoata ([personal profile] konatatheotaku )
Jack ([personal profile] againsttherules )
Alfred ([personal profile] battle_butler )
Voodoo ([personal profile] boston_bruiser )

Possible Players:
A pup of [personal profile] sdelmonte 's ( I will update when I have confirmation)
Jack Bauer ([personal profile] trigger_man )
Sariel ([personal profile] visible_sariel )

Possible guest appearances:
Teresa of the Faint Smile

So this leaves us with a confirmed number of 8 players and a possible of 14 later this evening. This means we have enough to set up teams. Also, Andrea is unfamiliar enough with this game that she didn't have an objective in mind, just a timed, shoot as many people as you can type of thing. Do we want to switch to a capture the flag arrangement or something more organized?

ETA: So we have 11 confirmed and likely 12. I vote we split into three teams of four and play last man standing, i.e. elimination and the team with the last man standing wins the round. Michael has already volunteered to lead one team, do we have any other volunteers? Once we have team leaders, do you want to pick your teams or should I  just assign them? I f we go with picking, I say Michael gets first pick and then whomever volunteers next gets second pick and so on.

On second thought  and with how folks are tagging, I think we'll stick with the free-for-all this time. I think it's fair to say there is enough interest that we can run future games with more organized planning.


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