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[OOC: All dialog from Kate's reappearance onward is taken from Magic Burns, pg 102.]

I stared into the mirror as I slowly changed myself back to my beast self. My eyes teared a bit though I blinked them back. I didn't want to die and wasn't so sure this was the form I wanted to die in if it came to that. Hell, I wasn't even sure which was the real me. I had fought so hard for the human me to be the truth but the beast me kept coming back.

A knock interrupted my thoughts and Aunt B's voice came through the door. "I've made some tea, child, and I think we should talk."

Great, I thought. I knew what this talk was going to be. Join our pack, we have great benefits. I'd have to say, "No thank you" and she'd insist. If the Beast Lord didn't kill me, she'd do the job for not being a good little girl and accepting her "offer".

I opened the door and followed her to the kitchen. She gestured to a seat at a round table with a nice tea service laid out. Aunt B poured, herself first as befit her status as Alpha and then me. I lifted the cup to take a sip. This wasn't as easy as it sounded since I was in beast form and had a muzzle; hyenas don't have lips like humans.

We stared at each other. The simple fact was, I couldn't join her clan or the Pack. I was a knight of the Order and my first loyalty had to be the Order. To be in the Pack meant my first loyalty had to be the Pack. I hoped this conflict of interest wouldn't ever come to bit me in the ass. Of course, I likely wouldn't have to worry about that since I'd likely be dead once Kate told the Beast Lord about me. And still Aunt B and I  stared at each other, not sure where to start.

We were saved from ourselves by Kate coming back. I froze, my hour at hand. "How did it go?"

"With what?" Kate asked distracted by something.

Aunt B sighed. "She wants to know if Curran's coming to kill her."

"Oh. No, he isn't interested in murdering you. Believe me, right now you're the least of his problems."

I exhaled. Some big, bad-ass knight I was.

"Please tell me there is coffee," Kate begged walking to the table with a big stack of books.

Aunt B grimaced. "They're already crazy. If I let them have coffee, they'd be bouncing off the walls. We have herbal tea."
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