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 [Previously in Magic Burns]
[[OOC: All situations and dialog come from Magic Burns.]]

The fight with the reavers and fomorians could be going a lot better I think as my legs are pulled out from under me. Still, I'm holding Julie in my arms, so something was going right. I spin so I don't crush Julie when we hit the ground; since I am in my Beastform I know I weigh enough to break something of hers if I'm not careful. The claws on my feet rake at the tentacles which continue to try and pin me and I am rewarded with the lovely sounds of tearing flesh and a bellowing roar of pain.

Suck on that Shepard, Bulgar, Bullhorn or whatever the hell your name is
, I think just as twenty more tentacles begin to whip at me. I can feel them tearing into my back as I wrap myself around Julie to protect her. I throw out an arm to drag us farther away...just have to keep moving. Then I notice the ground is shaking and I look up into the bestial, bull-like face of Ugad who is now running at us. Looks like everyone wants in on the party but I'll be honest, I was partied out. Besides Ugad was so not my type. 

I was just about to tell him so when he kicked me off of Julie, his hooves crushing something in my back. She torn out of my arms and I went flying to hit a wall of junk cars. I tried to pick myself up but the impact did something to my spine and I couldn't feel my legs. Come on, damn you, I though to the Lyc-V in my system. Damn virus made my life hell, it could at least be useful and be quicker healing me.

I was just beginning to feel pins and needles when the black cloud of power hit and threw me in the air again. I had just enough time to think, Damn it, not again, before I hit the cars and the world went dark.
Hours later I was sulking in a room of the med-wing of the Pack's keep when I scented Kate. Immediately, the shame of losing Julie again hit and I had to blink back tears. "I can smell you," I said and reached over to pick up her sword to offer it back to her. "I have your sword."

Kate just stood there looking conflicted before walking in to sit at the foot of my bed.

"Not even a thank you?" I quipped, hoping I didn't lose my friend cause I couldn't save her kid. If you're afraid you've lost something important, always joke. It helps. Really.

"Thank you," she said, taking her sword back. "How are you?"

"I lost Julie." I admitted. "I had her in my hands and lost her."

"I saw. You did all you could."

"You saw? How?" I asked amazed.

"The witches showed me and Bran a vision of the fight." With magic back in the world, a lot of witches banded together for strength and protection. They also took over the biggest city park Atlanta had to offer.

"If I had my guns...," I said through clenched teeth, unable to hide my frustration any longer, but then I sighed as reality forced itself in. "They wouldn't have worked regardless since the magic was up. Jesus, what a clusterfuck we made of it."

"Are you going to make it?" Kate asked me.

Her concern made me fall in on myself. "You're worried about me," I asked surprised. "Why? I'm beastkin. I heal fast. The flare is going full force, and the doctor worked his magic. I'll be up by tomorrow." Not bad for a broken spine.

"And Jim?" Kate asked with a shake of her head.

"Which one is Jim?"

"The jaguar."

"Heavy muscle damage. Ligaments all torn to shreds. He's in the next room." As I spoke I watched Kate and saw her forcing herself to sit still. She was nervous about something, or feeling helpless. "It was a good plan. Curran creates a distraction, occupies them while they key on him, and we grab the girl. Except those bitches wouldn't die and we failed."

"You tried," Kate said, guilt deep in her voice.

"Kate, I know what you are thinking. You're thinking that if you had watched Julie, she wouldn't have left with Red and we wouldn't be in this mess."

"No. Not at all," Kate said, sounding surprised.

"I just want you to know: when I took her off that cross the fomorians had tied her to, she was calling his name. Neither you nor I can do anything to break what's between them."

"Andrea, I don't blame you. I don't blame anyone. You went out there and tried against impossible odds and almost won, while I played footsie with Bran in the mist." Kate sighed and stood. "I'm going to see Jim and then I'll see about sending a runner to the Order, since the phones are dead."

That caught me by surprise. "Why?"

"From what Bran says," Kate replied grimly, "the gray bubble Morfran made is some sort of ancient druidic ward. Morfran is buying time and working the cauldron, packing the sea-demons into that bubble. When it bursts, they will spill out onto the Honeycomb and then onto the Warren. We'll need the knights and the Military Supernatural Defense Unit."

Oh. Shit. "There will be no help, Kate. Everyone's gone. Even Maxine," I managed to croak out.

"Where the hell did they go?" Kate said, her voice tight and nearly a yell.

"There's an emergency," I said softly. I was treading on dangerous ground now, dangerous classified ground. "All the knights and the MSDU are being pulled to counter it."

"Andrea, in less than twelve hours, Atlanta will be full of demons. They will kill, feed, and release more demons. What emergency is more important than this one?"

I chewed my lip trying to decide how much I could say...oh fuck it. "I'm not supposed to disclose this. There's a man. His name is Roland..."

Kate spun and I swear, she nearly punched the wall. "What is he doing that's so damn crucial? What, is he building another tower? It will fall like all his other ones. Or did his eye finally grow back and he decided to have a battle to celebrate?"

I gaped at her before slowly and carefully closing my muzzle. After another moment, I calmly asked, "Kate? How do you know that? Even I don't rank high enough to know about the eye and the towers. I was told because I would be staying behind alone. You're not even a knight. How do you know this?"

My questions hit somewhere deep within her and the look she gave me told me parts of her were wondering if she'd have to kill me. I kept my hands where they were. I've had to kill friends before, I knew how hard it was.

"Are you planning on walking into Ted's office after the flare and telling him that you're beastkin?" Kate asked finally.

I winced at the direct question. "No. He'd throw me out. The Order is all I know."

Kate nodded. "You have your secrets and I have mine. I didn't say anything about Roland and you didn't hear anything. Deal?" Kate asked, holding out her hand.

I took a moment to untangle my hand before taking hers and meeting her eyes. "And I'm not a beastkin. Deal."

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