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It was over. Everything she had fought for since she and her mother escaped their pack was taken from her with the crash of a gavel. Unfit for duty due to medical reasons. Full pension and honors for saving the lives of so many knights but she would never serve again. Numb and in shock, her calm normal self, the one that kept it all together couldn't think what to do. But her secret self knew and dared.

"I give my pension, in its entirety, to the St. Francis* Fund for Orphans." She was sure many in the Order would think this petty but it was her last fuck you. The Order was now going to be paying her buy off money to orphaned shape shifters for the rest of her life. Pretty damn poetic considering they were kicking her out for being one. 

She stood then, perfectly calm though part of her still felt like she was floating and turned to leave. Guards flanked her and escorted her towards the exit. She walked with her head high, not looking at any of them. When the world crumbles, all you have left is your dignity and she would have left with it to if she hadn't seen Shane.

Shane. Her own personal tormentor. Shane had been her guard the entire length of the court martial and had heaped whatever abuse he could think of her way. He never crossed over the line that would get him in trouble but it's amazing how much verbal abuse one can sling. Not to mention how often her food was barely edible or accidentally spilled. It was all funny really and so pathetic. Compared to her Aunt's pack, he was a child playing at god. But still, a girl had her pride.

When she saw him, she had no idea what she was doing until she was in his face with the guards trying their best to pull her back. "Molly," she said in a voice cold with menace and a flash of red in her eyes.

"Wha?" He quivered as he wet his pants.

That brought a smile to her lips. She looked down and sniffed loudly, before continuing. "You've been calling me 'mongrel bitch' for the past few days now. Your terminology is flawed. Hyenas are more closely related to cats than dogs so the correct terms would be 'mongrel molly'. Keep it in mind next time."

Breaking free of the guards, she spun on her heel and left with a chuckle.

*I need to find a good Saint for this fund.


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