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 Andrea wakes to a sound she hasn't heard in years; her mother singing. Her mother sung rarely, even after they escaped the pack, but she always sang with such a beautiful voice that Andrea would be still and quiet, to catch every note she could. She lay there, pretending to sleep and hoping the song would go on forever but her mother stopped, knowing in that way that mothers always do that her daughter was awake.

"Come on, Angel, I know you're awake," her soft voice cooed. "We haven't much time."

"What do you mean," Andrea asked, sitting up and yawning.

"I mean I'm just visiting and have to leave soon. How are things? Are you happy?"

She feels a vague sense of alarm and confusion at her mother's words but ignores it for now. "Things are good. I'm a knight-defender in the Order and I'm living in Atlanta. I've made a friend, her name is Kate."

"A knight-defender?" her mother says confused. "You should be master-at-arms shouldn't you? You've put in the time, what's holding you back?"

"My Knight-Protector doesn't trust me," she answers, though the truth would be her boss is a paranoid bigot who thinks anyone with Lyc-V is less than human, "but you're right. I'm true to my duty though."

"Duty is well and good but are you happy?"

"Happy enough." Andrea admits, though it's nearly a lie. She is dissatisfied with her life and happy is just a thin veneer hiding the hollow emptiness.

"Oh Angel," her mother says, taking her into her arms. "You should be happy. Don't settle for anything less! I didn't risk our lives for 'enough'. Never forget that."


"No but. Promise me you won't forget."

"I won't Mama."
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