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 It took another three hours after Kate left for me to begin to get feeling back in my legs. It started with my toes, which itched furiously. For the next hour and a half, I slowly and very carefully tested the healing; flexing my toes, turning my ankles, bending a knee. Finally I felt ready to try and stand but was interrupted by the medmage, Dr. Doolittle (I swear to whatever gods are listening that is his name), as he entered to check up on me. The look of fury he gave me was enough to freeze me in my tracks. I had read the Order's file on him. I knew better than to push it and it wasn't just because he was my doctor. See, he was a were-honey badger and even if my secret self didn't immediately want to back away from that look, I knew enough about the critters to want to stay far away. They were nasty and fearless, having been known to even steal food from lions.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" He asked.

"I think my legs and back are healed now. I was going to see if I was right," I said weakly, knowing how stupid it sounded. Still, there was a big fight coming in a few hours, I wasn't going to miss it.

"I see. How many medical degrees do you have?"

"I have a certificate in advanced trama and first aid."

"Oh. I see," he dead panned. Entering the room, he placed the pitcher of iced tea on the nightstand by my bed beside an empty glass. "I'm so glad they're teaching physical therapy, neurology and orthopedics to EMTs these days. Do you mind humoring an old man and letting me take a look before you trip or collapse and undo all my hard work?"

At my weak nod, he gestured for me to lay back down. "Well, it seems you were right. I still want you to take it easy. The PT room is across they way. I will allow you access if you promise to stop whatever you are doing if you feel the slightest hint of numbness or sharp pain. You understand me girl?"

"I promise," I said relieved. Laying about was seriously getting to me.

"Very well," Dr. Doolittle said and reached for the pitcher to pour me a glass of tea. "Drink up and you can go."

I took a drink and my jaw nearly seized up on the sweetness. "There any tea in this or is it all honey?"

"There world needs more sweetness and you child, need more calories. Your body has just done a lot of work in a very short time. Magic helps but it can't do everything by itself."

Two hours later and the doc let me out into the Keep to try walking but only after I repeated my promise to stop if I felt any numbness or sharp pains.

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He had come to the Keep with his mother for the counsel meeting but since it was closed door, he sudden;y had time to wander. He knew how these things went, they'd argue back and forth, his mom would likely keep mostly quiet while the other clans made fools of themselves and then the Beastlord would tell them all what they were doing. Which left him with a boring few hours...or so he thought.

He caught her scent first before spotting her. She was walking, almost limping, the perimeter of the Keep's courtyard. She looked tired and drawn and she was stunning.

He wasn't aware he was moving until he heard himself say, "Hi."

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"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. I just thought you might like some you walk I mean."

Smooth Ralph, smooth.

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"Hey, I talk for both of us," Raphael says brightly before realizing how that might sound. Rubbing the back of his neck, he falls in step with her and says, "I didn't mean that as egotistically as it sounded. Are you healing okay?"

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"Well, I've nothing to do for a few hours, so I'd be happy to spot you if you'd like. And if something does happen, I can get you back to Doolittle ASAP!"

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When they pause for some water, he leans close so no one can over hear or read his lips. "Have you tried shifting yet?"

He remembers how upset she was to have been discovered and since news of a new shapeshifter hasn't hit the Keep, he can only assume she means to keep the secret.

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"We could go to a sparing room. Some of them have locks so we can be sure of privacy."

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Raphael throws his hands up and backs up a step.

"No, no...I mean yes, I'd like to. You're stunning but not this, not now. I mean it."

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"Oh come...," Raphael says frustrated. "Look, I swear on my mother's honor, I will make no move to get into your pants until after we kills these sea demons. We need to focus on the coming fight. This will nothing but that."

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"Charming. This way."

He leads them down a few sets of stairs and around several kitchens, where they grab some food and more water, before finding the wing of rooms set aside for sparring and training. With the coming battle it takes so doing to get a room, they even need to give up some of the food they had pilfered, but they manage.

Locking the door, Raphael bows and sweeps the room with an outstretched arm. "Your room m'Lady."

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"I thought you'd never ask," he replies pulling off his jacket and shifting into a warrior form. Andrea is impressed as the warrior form takes a lot of skill, let alone going straight into one. His isn't perfect, his lower jaw doesn't quite fit right and his arms are too long, but it's damn good nonetheless.

"No claws," he says though his words aren't as easy to understand as hers.

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Raphael's eyes widen in surprise and he hits the matt in surrender. Nodding, he shifts back to human and says, "Okay, sorry. I was just worried about how healed you were, nothing personal."

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"No harm, no foul," Raphael replies as she helps him up. "How about we go get some real food? I hate going to my death on an empty stomach."


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