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Name:Andrea Maria Nash
Birthdate:Aug 6
Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
First thing, to make sure this is seen, if your pup is a vampire please be aware Andrea will view you with suspicion and extreme caution. Vampires on her world are emaciated, mindless killing machines and not the charmers found on most other worlds. Think I am Legend rather than Twilight This isn't to say you should not tag her with a vampire; just that she will be stand offish or potentially hostile at first. (I will never just attack without clear communication with the other mun.)

Andrea Nash is short, barely passing 5 feet, and built for strength. She has blonde hair, hazel eyes and a smile that makes you want to tell her your life story. She will almost always be armed, usually with a pair of SIG Sauer P226s. She is proficient with all manner of ranged weapons from guns, to rifles, to cross bows, to bows and slings. She is said to be able to take out a squirrel's eye at thirty yards, and she has a very quick draw, even going so far as to get the draw on a vampire once.

She is a dedicated member of the Order of Merciful Aid (a modern order of knights that protect innocents from magical creatures), but she hides a secret that could ruin her standing within the Order for she is a werehyena. Worse yet, at least for most other shape shifters, she is beastkin, the rare child of a human infected with Lyc-V and an animal infected with the same. More about this here, but a warning as allusions to a rape are present.

As a beastkin, Andrea cannot shift into a fully hyena form, but her warrior form is lean, long-legged, and covered in short fur. Her face is a mix of human and hyena, beautifully proportioned and elegant. She is able to talk clearly and manipulate things with her now larger hands with no loss of dexterity. She gains a full foot in height, about another 60 pounds, jaws that can crack bone, and three inch claws on both hands and feet. Unlike other werecreatures, she also maintains her human breasts in her beast form. (Don't ask me, this is canon, and it really freaks the guys out.)

Even in her human form, Andrea is stronger than a normal human and has heightened senses which emulate her hyena DNA. She also will heal from just about any wound super humanly fast (perhaps three or four times as fast as a human), but is vulnerable to silver as it kills the Lyc-V virus. Silver does not automatically kill a were, merely prevents rapid healing, though in sufficient amounts it can poison them. Weres also have a near immunity to all toxins with the exception of snake venom. Those infected with the Lyc-V virus also seem to have a great tolerance of wards though no one is quite sure why.

More about shapeshifters in her world here. No spoilers.
More about her world here. No spoilers.
And more about the Order of Merciful Aid here. Again no spoilers.

Andrea Nash is from theKate Daniels series of books and thus belongs to the awesomely talented husband and wife team of Ilona Andrews. This is only for happy fun RPG times in [community profile] milliways_bar, among other places, and not for profit.

Allision Mack is herself and not mine either. If your pup happens to come from a canon which Allision Makc plays a character, feel free to have Andrea seem familiar.

The mun behind the pup is [personal profile] bjornwilde, whom usually is online from 7am to 4pm Pacific Standard time in the US.

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best friends, crossbows, galahad 5000s, guns, gyros, high caliber weapons, lorna sterling, pirate romance, protecting the innocent, romance fiction, sig sauer p226

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